The first stage of our process is getting to know exactly what you are looking for.  We will arrange a face to face meeting at your offices in order to gain an in depth understanding of your firm’s culture, objectives and challenges.  We will discuss the job description in detail, focusing on key characteristics and team fit.


This phase of the process is undertaken respectfully and discretely with client confidentiality in mind. An initial telephone interview is conducted, followed by a face to face meeting or video conference depending on the location of the candidate.  Only those who we feel are truly interested in being considered will be put forward for the role.


Once the candidate’s CVs have been presented and reviewed, we will work with you to arrange interviews.  The process will be guided by us and expectations will be managed on both sides right up to offer stage. Our goal is to exceed expectations and to make the experience as seamless and swift as possible. The average search will take between 4 – 6 weeks from start to finish, but this can vary. 


D E Consult Ltd offers a targeted approach whereby law firms instruct us to seek out and recruit highly qualified candidates for hard to fill vacancies like executive-level and specialist systems roles.  

By utilising an extensive professional network of contacts, we approach potential candidates working for competitors or related businesses, identifying a shortlist of the most qualified candidates on the market.

If you have a role for which you require specialist assistance, please email to arrange a consultation.